The Best Therapy Pets for Your Loved One

siamese cat therapyLast updated, March 2017

One of the ways you can make life easier for children struggling with any developmental, behavioral or physical disability is by offering them therapy pets. An affectionate Siamese cat, a calm smiling dog or a small pet that the child can hold would be a great therapist.

The right animal will give your child unconditional love and affection. Apart from this, it will make the child feel special. If you are considering pet therapy for your child, you need to strategically decide the right animal to pick. Below are top 5 pets that are great therapists for a struggling loved one.


Dogs are perhaps the most common therapy pets. Even when untrained, dogs have a natural affinity with humans. This is why they are among the most popular pets. If you would like to get your puppy trained as a therapy dog, there are various courses with instructions on what to do. These courses can be modified to fit your home.

Certified dogs need more training because they can be used in schools, hospitals and nursing homes. You can find more information about therapy dogs at Companion Animal.


Lizards require little attention and make excellent therapy pets. Moreover, they are readily accepted by children. Pet lizards can be taken almost anywhere where the caretaker goes. For example, many people walk with their bearded dragons. Dragons are a docile species, are safe with young children and are popular with both teens and parents. Other reptile species you can get include geckos, iguana, and anoles (often called chameleons).


Despite no official recognition as a service cat, some cat breeds can provide can provide a warm presence to psychologically distressed individuals or invalids. The rhythmic purring, kneading paws and consistent demeanor of the pets can be soothing to people struggling with emotional and mental instabilities.…

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How to Choose a Litter Box for Your Siamese Cat

Last Update, October 2017
cat litter box

How to find best litter option for your Siamese cat

It can be quite challenging deciding which litter box to choose and where to put it. For one, you do not want your home cluttered. apart from this, you do not want odor from the litter box.

So, where would be the right place for something with the function of a litter box? Of course you don’t want to place it near your health accessories such as sleeping devices such as a CPAP machine, your hobby items such as the best 3d pen, or even your fishing gear like GPS fishfinders.

When it comes to training your Siamese cat to use a litter box, choosing the right litter box can make all the difference. Here are some things to keep in mind when going to buy a litter box for your cat.

What Kind of Litter Box Should You Buy?

If your kitten or cat was trained in a litter box by a previous owner or breeder, find out what kind of box was used and buy the same. You can transition to a new box when your cat is trained. If the cat was not litter-trained, do some research to determine the best box to buy. You can check for reviews of the best litter boxes.

You will come across litter boxes of different styles and sizes. If you have a kitten, she will grow into a cat and this means a larger box will be required to take care of business. Therefore, go with a large litter box rather than a small one.

Another thing you should consider is the accessibility of the litter box. If you choose an uncovered box, make sure its sides are low enough so that you Siamese cat won’t have a problem climbing in and out.…

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How to Choose a Siamese Cat Groomer

how to choose a cat groomerAren’t beautiful, well groomed Siamese cats just adorable? Grooming does more than making your cat loveable; it also minimizes your vet doctor visits. The things I consider when looking for a nail salons near me are the same things that I check when looking for a cat groomer.

Since it can be hectic doing all the grooming on your own, we’ve compiled some tips you could use to select the best pet groomer. The th

Professionalism and Experience

In America, there is no licensing requirement for pet groomers. It is therefore challenging to separate qualified cat groomers from quacks. The only surety therefore is the type of training the groomer will have undertaken.

Be keen enough to notice how professional the groomers carry out themselves. Apart from this, find out their knowledge on pet grooming. Specifically, go for professional groomers who have trained on Siamese cat grooming.

Knowing how much experience they have in pet grooming will also help you build confidence in them.

Study The Grooming Facility

A refined groomer will have their grooming kennels or area neat at all times. Observe if the area is well swept, smells clean, has good lighting and also has a comfortable temperature like is what you can see at The Pets Clinic.

It may seem petty but little things like availability of a good resting place and cleanliness of food items are very important. You also need to assess the size of that groom location and inquire how many pets are groomed at any one time. Over-crowding Siamese cats, dogs or other pets during grooming can lead to spread of diseases, making your visit more costly.

Another crucial thing to look at is the security of the place. Find out how many people have access to the place and how does the management ensure cats are not stolen when left for servicing.…

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5 Tips to Help You Find the Best Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

auto cat feederFeeding your cat is one of the tasks you must do every day. However, sometimes you may be busy or away from home but your cat will still need to be fed. What can you do in this situation? The solution is to use an automatic cat food dispenser.

There are different types of cat feeders in the market. If you are buying one for the first time, there are a number of things you should keep in mind to get the right feeder. The last thing you want is to spend hundreds of dollars buying different feeders, which all end up not being good solutions for your cat. If you want to get the best automatic feeder, follow the tips below:

1. Quality does not equal price

You will come across some high-priced feeders that are worth the amount they are being sold for. However, there are some expensive feeders that are cheap and will not work with your cat. To find the best feeder, do not simply look at price when shopping. You should go through customer reviews of different feeders to know their quality. Sometimes, all that glitters is not gold.

2. Cats are very versatile

You may have the best automatic cat feeder but if your pet is determined to get extra food, she will try to break it. Cats are usually obsessed food and if you don’t teach them to respect the feeder, you should not expect it to last long.

Therefore, look for a feeder that is strong and will not be easily broken. Apart from this, teach your cat from the onset to respect the feeder and discourage her from trying to break it.

Some breeds like Siamese and Bengal are known to try to manipulate the units to get extra food from them.…

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What is Pet Insurance?

Last Updated, March 2017
pet insuranceWell, let me start by saying that pets have proven in the past and present that they are more loyal than most humans. It is no wonder they say a dog (or in some cases a cat) is a man’s best friend. Therefore, it is only right that you buy pet insurance to protect your pets.

In case you do not buy into the whole insurance thing and you own a pet, pet health insurance will help you pay veterinary bills for your dog and or cat. It will ensure that you do not find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You will never find yourself in the position where you have to choose between your dog or cat’s well-being and your personal finances.

I think I just heard someone make this sound “phew.” Well, you do not need a mouth guard for teeth grinding when buying insurance as there is nothing complicated to make you grind your teeth.

What does pet health insurance typically do? Pet insurance protects your pets in case of an unexpected accident or illness. According to trusted pet insurance reviews, they are several pet insurance companies that offer choices for your pet’s wellness care . Having insurance will keep your pet happy and healthy because no one wants to come home to a pathetic looking dog. Everyone knows that a good looking dog can help you make new friends, get you lots of attention with the ladies/gents (wink).

Why You Need Pet Insurance

I know the cynics reading this article will be mumbling under their breath saying “why on earth do I need pet health insurance? My vet is very competent and my pet and I are peachy keen, pet insurance, schmet insurance!”

Now read this: According to many online and offline pet insurance reviews, veterinary care is becoming more and more expensive.…

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Cats and Air Mattresses: Tips for Choosing a Cat-Proof Airbed

Are you an ardent cat lover who happens to own an air mattress?

If so, there is a very high chance that your cat has already developed a liking for your air mattress as well. After all, cats do love spending time on regular beds, and there is absolutely no reason why they should not yearn for air mattresses as well.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your cat coveting your inflatable bed, the big problem is that cats happen to own some of the sharpest claws in nature and you already know that air mattresses and sharp objects don’t go hand in hand.

Problem with Cat-proof Air Mattress

To cut a long story short, the claws/nails of a cat have the tendency to increase both in length and sharpness as time goes by. Now, if left untrimmed, your cat is likely to cause irreparable damage to your precious air bed as any contact between an air mattress and the unattended claws of your cat, even if unintentional, will lead to severe punctures. In short, if you want to keep both, you will have to either choose and airbed model that will be cat-proof or learn how to protect your existing airbed.

I personally, am entertaining a lot during summer days and own 3 airbeds – I discovered this guide on cat-resistant airbeds at and that changed the whole decision process I go through.

So, how do you get to keep your cat (or cats) and your lovely air mattress in the same house without having to spend your hard earned money on a new mattress every few days?

Well, there are a few things you can do to achieve that, but the surest bet lies on getting yourself a cat-proof airbed. Here are a few tips:

How to Choose a Cat-Proof Airbed

  1. Always Choose an Air Mattress with thicker PVC

Seeing that cats come with some of the sharpest claws seen by man, you will want to choose an air mattress that is designed to refuse to give in to “cat abuse.” For that reason, it is wise to pay close attention to the thickness of the vinyl.…

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What You Should Know About Siamese Cats

Last Updated, October 2017

Siamese cats are a breed of small lung cats with a long wedge-shaped head. Thanks to their special fur coloring , the Siamese cat is almost impossible not to know. These cats are popular because they are not cross-breeds. Throughout their history, the Siamese cat has not crossed with other breeds.

I go an inquiry from Jack Blake, who runs the website By the way, if you are into fitness, I suggest you check Blake’s site. I particularly love the list of the best weighted vests for workouts.

Back to our discussion, Jack wanted to know the history of Siamese cats. So, here we go.

Where Did Siamese Cats Originate?

about siamese catsThe native home of Siamese cats is Thailand. In the country, the breed once considered sacred and was respected. The cat Siamese was usually found in temples and was protected by law. The royal family Siamese  cats were used for certain rituals. Due to all these, taking out the cats abroad was prohibited. However, with time, the cat was moved to Europe and eventually the United States.

Siamese cats are often remembered in Thai legends and tales. For example, one legend says that the cat breed was always accompanied by a Thai princess while bathing in the river. Before bathing, the princess had to remove her rings and rub them on the cat’s tail so she could be safe until she finished bathing. Also, if the princess lost her wedding ring, she had to tie knots on the tip of the Siamese cat tail.

Speaking of knots – the presence of knots and kinks in the tail was considered a characteristic feature of the Siamese cat. However, it is now known that the knots are formed as a consequence of cross-breeding of close relatives.…

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Professional Cat Boarding and Grooming

Pet boarding (also called kenneling) is a safe and convenient way to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being when you need to get away for long periods, but don’t have any trusty family or friend to leave your beloved four-legged buddy to.

For a fee, your cat or dog will be left in the capable hands of pet boarding professionals to be exercised, fed, groomed, and tucked into the comfort of their individual cages come rest time.

Fun Fact: Did you know some pet boarding professionals offer customized pet tags for cats or dogs left at their premises? Now you know.

Many pet owners prefer boarding their cats and dogs in facilities where they can be sure that the animal can be professionally cared for. Dog and pet boarding centers are specifically designed to care for animals and are manned and run by people who have been trained to handle pets and cater to their every need. If you don’t want to inconvenience your friends or relatives by letting them have your dog for a few days, a professional boarding and grooming kennel is a good place to deposit your pet when you simply can’t bring them along on your trip.

Modern facilities are nice to have, but don’t judge a kennel by its equipment alone. The best professional boarding and grooming kennels are those that create and provide a loving, friendly, and well-supervised environment for your pet. These professional grooming centers have skilled pet caretakers that know how to exercise your pet, follow specific dietary needs during feeding, administer medication, and do proper and complete grooming, when needed.

Proper Certifications

For your pet’s safety, only go for facilities that have proper certifications and require vaccine records from pet owners. This reduces the risk of your pet catching disease from other pet boarders.…

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Why Your Cat Needs a Collar

cat collarA cat collar’s main purpose is to identify the cat. Cat collars typically have the cat’s name, and the owner’s phone number on them in case the cat gets lost. You can also include other pertinent information on there, such as allergies or illnesses the cat may have, other contact phone numbers, etc. It’s really up to you how much you include.


So it seems like a no-brainer to get a cat a cat collar for your cat, right? Well, if you have ever owned a cat, you will know that most cats very much resent wearing cat collars, and usually try to take them off. One option is to train the cat from a young age to wear the collar, and then they usually just find it feels natural on them and don’t mind at all.


Cat collars can very rarely be a hazard to a cat too. Sometimes the collar can get caught on something and end up injuring, or even choking the cat. While obviously no cat owner would want that, the truth is the number of cats saved due to cat collars compared to the number of cats injured by them is a huge difference; it is much safer for a cat to have a cat collar.


Another cat collar that provides an extra safety benefit is the reflective cat collar. This makes the cat easier to find if it is lost. At night if the cat is crossing the street, this will help the driver avoid hitting the cat by mistake. It can also help if you are looking for the cat at night and are using a flashlight. So, if you have a reflective cat collar, you may not need a GPS tracker if your cat is around the compound. For GPS tracker options for cats, read more here: Best GPS Cat Trackers 2017 – The Complete Buyers Guide.

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What Makes Siamese Cats Become Anorexic?

anorexic siamese catIt’s well known that Siamese cats like to eat. Some nibble a few kibbles at a time, but come back very often to put their noses in their bowl during the day. Others jump on their meal as if they had not eaten for an entire year. And all let you know in their own way when their bowl is empty. So should we worry if our cat sulks its food and stop eating all of a sudden? The answer without any doubt, is yes.

Any change in the appetite level of your cat should be a reason for concern. Something is definitely wrong. When your cat loses appetite, she may exhibit various symptoms such as teary eyes, weak joints, irritability and others. The weak joints symptom is similar to that of horses that are sick.  One old saying goes as: “When the appetite goes well, everything goes well!” I think it applies perfectly well to all the cats in the world. So when the appetite goes well, everything goes well, then, when the appetite changes, it must also mean that something is wrong? Yes, but what then?

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you changed the food trademark?
Yep! Many cats are very demanding and have very specific food preferences. They prefer a type of food, a trademark or a brand of a specific commerce and do not want anything else. Cats develop their food preferences at a young age and that often dictates their future food taste, texture, color of the kibble and the ingredients of the recipe can all be factors of preference and requirements of cats. For example, if your cat is used to eating a triangular shape dry green kibble, with a thickness of three millimeters since its very young age, he could sulk his food if you give him a dry star-shape red kibble with a thickness of two millimeters.…

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The Cat’s Meow – An In-Depth Review of the Popular Feline Toy

Editor’s Note:
This is a guest post by Natalie Hamilton. If you would like to contribute a post on our website, please get in touch.

cats meow review amazonThere is a new toy for feline fun and entertainment that has recently become many cat lovers new favorite. I refer, or course, to the aptly named Cat’s Meow.

After having recently purchased one for Mike, my 12 year old kittie, I decided to write a Cat’s Meow review of my own.

How Is The Quality of Cat’s Meow ?

When I received my order, the toy was quite easy to put together, just the motor unit and wand, and the nylon base. I was initially skeptical of the material, which seemed like it could be torn apart as easily as the cloth on the side of the couch.

I am happy to report that the fabric of the toy is quite tough, and has stayed in good shape even after being pounced upon, clawed, and bitten for 3 month. My husband is happy with the toy as now our kitties can stay away from his prescription snorkel mask that they always wanted to play with.

The motor that powers the wand to go in circles is still just as strong as it was when I got it, and it keeps going even after Mike has caught it (which isn’t that frequently as its very fast!)

Does It Perform As Advertised ?

The Cat’s Meow toy is one Mike’s favorite things to do now, and he wasn’t always a very active cat. It’s nice to see him jumping around and being active again. The station has flipped over once or twice, but otherwise there have been no real problems that I have found.

Because it goes back and forth randomly, and even speeds up from time to time, Mike still gets excited to play with it.…

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What You Should Know About COPD in Horses and Cats

asthma in cats

Is you cat asthmatic? Get her checked by a vet

Of all pets, horses and cats are more likely to suffer from a breathing disease that has the symptoms of asthma. The disease is especially common in cats that vets simply refer to it as feline asthma. You may also hear vets referring to the condition as allergic bronchitis. In horses, the breathing condition is not the same as in cats. Vets refer to the horses’ condition as “heaves”, “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)” or “recurrent airway obstruction (RAO)”.

The general causes of asthma are nearly the same in both humans and animals. Generally, a person, cat, horse or another animal may suffer from asthma when something in the environment irritates the lining of the respiratory tract. The irritant is usually an allergic trigger. However, asthma can also be caused by other elements such as chemicals in the air, rapid breathing due to exercise, cold temperatures, viruses, etc. Regardless of the asthma trigger, the respiratory tract is inflamed, more mucus is produced by the cells and the airways become narrower since the muscles surrounding them have contracted.

There are different symptoms of COPD in horses, or asthma in cats and humans. The symptoms usually depend on the individuality of the victim and severity of an episode. A mild COPD episode can be characterized by lethargy, coughing and a short period of deep or rapid breathing. This episode usually resolves on its own. More severe flare-ups can be life-threatening for horses and cats , and may leave them gasping for breathe.

If you suspect your horse or cat is suffering from COPD, you should get her checked by a vet. One of the signs that can help you know that the pet is suffering from asthma is an expiratory wheeze (i.e. a high-pitched sound that is heard when the animal breathes out.).…

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Fina Affordable Pet Insurance For Your Furry Friend

affordable pet insuranceThere are many insurance companies that offer affordable pet insurance policies. Therefore, don’t even think about joining the hundreds of people who are leaving their pets on the sidewalk and running away (off course they blame it on the credit crunch – oh fiddle dee dee!).

There is no pet owner on the face of the earth that likes to even imagine that a beloved pet is being harmed or is falling sick. Whether you have the beloved Siamese cats or even the sporty friends from Poodles Utah. This is unless, of course, the person is a Cruella DeVil or an animal hater. Pets are usually active, curious and quite fearless (i.e. old yeller). So, it is very difficult to protect them from danger all the time. Hey, you have a life! – or don’t you? Pets are not immune to falling sick too.

Choosing Affordable Pet Insurance

If you get your dog and or cat a pet medical insurance, you will be able to it the best medical care required. We all have enough trouble that could possibly last us a lifetime, so you do not have to start worrying about the medical cost of treating your pet. let the insurance people do the financial worrying for you (wink).

There are many affordable pet insurance policies that will suit your needs perfectly. Some pet insurance companies cover for as little as $5 for cats and $8.50 for dogs every month when you buy the insurance online. This is way less than an electrician Manchester will charge for a simple domestic wiring. The insurance companies even give you a choice of standard and extra level cover. Some insurance companies will also find a vet for your pet (no pun intended) in case of an emergency.

The pet insurance policy you choose will depend on what suits your pet. …

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How to Choose an Excellent Cat Breeder

cat breederA few years back, looking for a cat breeder was a complicated affair. It required you to ask for recommendations from family and friends. The other alternative was for you to go to cat shows.

Today, there are two very reliable cat registration associations that can give you a head start. These are  The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Moreover, reputable cat breeders are found on the internet.

One thing to note is that a breeder can belong to a famous cat association or a cat club simply by having a pedigree or registered cats. Their membership in these organizations does not automatically mean they are the best.

When adopting a cat, dog, tortoise or any pet for that matter, ensure you do your homework well. Look for a breeder with the type of pet you want. For example, if you want a Siamese cat, there are specific breeders that have the pets. If you want AKC champion pedigrees, you can check Show Breeders.

Selecting a Good Cat Breeder

Be wary of catteries that appear to always have a lot of kittens for sale. Renowned breeders will never just have kittens waiting to be sold…not at least all year round. Most of the time, they put cats on a waiting list.

So, if the breeder always has kittens for sale whenever, then there are two possibilities here;

  • They produce far too many kittens, which is risky
  • They have a problem placing their kitties, which also raise eyebrows

Ask the breeder about their deposit policies. Moreover, inquire about the waiting list. If they tell you that they only have kittens once in a year, this is a good sign. Go for it and just be patient.

Check the number of cats in the breeders’ home. Of course, the breeder will have more cats than in conventional homes.…

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