What You Should Know About Siamese Cats

Last Updated, October 2017

Siamese cats are a breed of small lung cats with a long wedge-shaped head. Thanks to their special fur coloring , the Siamese cat is almost impossible not to know. These cats are popular because they are not cross-breeds. Throughout their history, the Siamese cat has not crossed with other breeds.

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Back to our discussion, Jack wanted to know the history of Siamese cats. So, here we go.

Where Did Siamese Cats Originate?

about siamese catsThe native home of Siamese cats is Thailand. In the country, the breed once considered sacred and was respected. The cat Siamese was usually found in temples and was protected by law. The royal family Siamese  cats were used for certain rituals. Due to all these, taking out the cats abroad was prohibited. However, with time, the cat was moved to Europe and eventually the United States.

Siamese cats are often remembered in Thai legends and tales. For example, one legend says that the cat breed was always accompanied by a Thai princess while bathing in the river. Before bathing, the princess had to remove her rings and rub them on the cat’s tail so she could be safe until she finished bathing. Also, if the princess lost her wedding ring, she had to tie knots on the tip of the Siamese cat tail.

Speaking of knots – the presence of knots and kinks in the tail was considered a characteristic feature of the Siamese cat. However, it is now known that the knots are formed as a consequence of cross-breeding of close relatives.…

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How to Choose an Excellent Cat Breeder

cat breederA few years back, looking for a cat breeder was a complicated affair. It required you to ask for recommendations from family and friends. The other alternative was for you to go to cat shows.

Today, there are two very reliable cat registration associations that can give you a head start. These are  The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Moreover, reputable cat breeders are found on the internet.

One thing to note is that a breeder can belong to a famous cat association or a cat club simply by having a pedigree or registered cats. Their membership in these organizations does not automatically mean they are the best.

When adopting a cat, dog, tortoise or any pet for that matter, ensure you do your homework well. Look for a breeder with the type of pet you want. For example, if you want a Siamese cat, there are specific breeders that have the pets. If you want AKC champion pedigrees, you can check Show Breeders.

Selecting a Good Cat Breeder

Be wary of catteries that appear to always have a lot of kittens for sale. Renowned breeders will never just have kittens waiting to be sold…not at least all year round. Most of the time, they put cats on a waiting list.

So, if the breeder always has kittens for sale whenever, then there are two possibilities here;

  • They produce far too many kittens, which is risky
  • They have a problem placing their kitties, which also raise eyebrows

Ask the breeder about their deposit policies. Moreover, inquire about the waiting list. If they tell you that they only have kittens once in a year, this is a good sign. Go for it and just be patient.

Check the number of cats in the breeders’ home. Of course, the breeder will have more cats than in conventional homes.…

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How Long Do Siamese Cats Live?

Last Updated, April 2017

What is the average Siamese cats lifespan? Read on.

We have all heard the expression, “cats have nine lives.” But is it really so or maybe it’s just the usual clichés? How many lives do cats have in reality? Today, on the Internet, there are many different stories about cats that have lived for long. Some of them have lived up to 20 years or more. Here, for example, is the cat listed in the Guinness Book of Records for living 38 years!

longest living cat guinness book of records
Whatever it was, but many owners whose pets have achieved at least a five-year milestone are concerned with the question: “How long do cats live?”. After all, the pets have become an integral part of the family – as full members. Therefore, even the very idea that your loved cat or will at one time leave becomes unbearable.

Life Expectancy of Domestic Cats

Before we answer this question, it is important to know that if your pet is surrounded by love and care, fed properly, is living without stress (for example you play with him on an adjustable workout bench), and undergoes planned inspections in the veterinary clinic, he is likely to live a long and happy life. The cat will delight you and all your family members. Such conditions are ideal for any cat breed.
The life expectancy of cats life is typically 20 years or more. However, as previously mentioned, there are exceptions: some specimens can live up to 30 years or more. As noted by many veterinarians, if a cat is sterilized, their life expectancy will increase by 2-4 years.

Life Expectancy of Outdoor Cats

Habitat generally determines the life expectancy of a cat. Cats living in a house or apartment with a loving owner live much longer than outdoor cats.…

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