Best Names for Siamese Cats

The naming of cats is a difficult matter.

It isn’t just one of you holiday games.

You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter

when I tell you a cat must have three different names

The quote above is from the poem The Naming of Cats by T.S. Eliot.

Whether you think one name is enough for your cat or subscribe to Eliot’s thought, you already know that a cat names itself. This is especially with a super genius Siamese cat.

Even if you already had a name in mind before getting a kitty, chances are that you may not end up given her the name you wanted. With time, the feline’s different fascinating moods are likely to inspire you to go for alternate names that depict her unique and enchanting personalities. For example, you may have “Einstein” in mind but end up with “Boomerang” or “Muffin”.

In his poem, Eliot suggested three different names, which include a family name, a dignified name and a unique and secret name that only the cat knows.

Eliot’s suggestion fits nice with the common practice of giving cats a “dignified” name. Some people refer the name as a “registered” name, which reflects their family heritage. If you buy a cat from an established breeder, the kitty is likely to have a surname, which would be the registered name of the breeder. For pedigree cats, this breeder’s name usually comes first. The same also applies when naming tortoises. (more information here)

For example, if the breeder is “Champy”, then all cats in the breeder will be registered as Champy, followed by the name that the cat-parents would chose. For instance, a cat may be named as Champy Green Eye Rose”.

The family name refers to the cat’s nickname. This is the name that the cat usually responds to when called.…

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