Cats and Air Mattresses: Tips for Choosing a Cat-Proof Airbed

Are you an ardent cat lover who happens to own an air mattress?

If so, there is a very high chance that your cat has already developed a liking for your air mattress as well. After all, cats do love spending time on regular beds, and there is absolutely no reason why they should not yearn for air mattresses as well.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your cat coveting your inflatable bed, the big problem is that cats happen to own some of the sharpest claws in nature and you already know that air mattresses and sharp objects don’t go hand in hand.

Problem with Cat-proof Air Mattress

To cut a long story short, the claws/nails of a cat have the tendency to increase both in length and sharpness as time goes by. Now, if left untrimmed, your cat is likely to cause irreparable damage to your precious air bed as any contact between an air mattress and the unattended claws of your cat, even if unintentional, will lead to severe punctures. In short, if you want to keep both, you will have to either choose and airbed model that will be cat-proof or learn how to protect your existing airbed.

I personally, am entertaining a lot during summer days and own 3 airbeds – I discovered this guide on cat-resistant airbeds at and that changed the whole decision process I go through.

So, how do you get to keep your cat (or cats) and your lovely air mattress in the same house without having to spend your hard earned money on a new mattress every few days?

Well, there are a few things you can do to achieve that, but the surest bet lies on getting yourself a cat-proof airbed. Here are a few tips:

How to Choose a Cat-Proof Airbed

  1. Always Choose an Air Mattress with thicker PVC

Seeing that cats come with some of the sharpest claws seen by man, you will want to choose an air mattress that is designed to refuse to give in to “cat abuse.” For that reason, it is wise to pay close attention to the thickness of the vinyl.

The regular air mattress uses vinyl with a thickness of about 0.4 mm so you will want to go with an mattress that’s made of thicker materials.

  1. Go for Cat Resistant PVC/Vinyl

Alternatively, you can go for a plastic-laminated, multi-layered vinyl (PVC) which, though a bit pricey is claw-resistant or cat-proof, however you want to put it. Remember that the trick here is to choose a bed that is resistant to the scratches of your cat or at least one that will hold up well to this kind of abuse.

  1. Go for a Mattress Topper

Another helpful tip on how to choose a cat-proof airbed is to always ensure that the mattress you choose is top protected. As you probably know, a cat will puncture an air bed the minute it jump on it. This means that you can purchase an air bed and have it punctured that very same day or a few days later when your cat sets its eyes on the prize (read air mattress).

To that end, it’s a wise idea to go for a mattress that includes thick mattress case or pad to offer additional protection to your prized possession.

Another trick that can work well as you prepare to purchase a mattress topper is to always wrap the entire mattress with an extra thick blanket. This trick should offer a temporary way to protect your mattress from the sharp claws of your cat while at the same time enhancing your own comfort.


With the above given tips, you can expect your air bed to last for a very long time without necessarily having to show your cat the door. But it is advisable to ensure that the claws of your cat don’t remain unattended for a long period even as you strive to find an airbed that withstands cat claws.

This is because as the length of a cat’s nails increases, so does the sharpness. With time, such claws or nails will be sharp enough to puncture even the strongest vinyl available.

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