What You Should Know About Siamese Cats

Last Updated, October 2017

Siamese cats are a breed of small lung cats with a long wedge-shaped head. Thanks to their special fur coloring , the Siamese cat is almost impossible not to know. These cats are popular because they are not cross-breeds. Throughout their history, the Siamese cat has not crossed with other breeds.

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Back to our discussion, Jack wanted to know the history of Siamese cats. So, here we go.

Where Did Siamese Cats Originate?

about siamese catsThe native home of Siamese cats is Thailand. In the country, the breed once considered sacred and was respected. The cat Siamese was usually found in temples and was protected by law. The royal family Siamese  cats were used for certain rituals. Due to all these, taking out the cats abroad was prohibited. However, with time, the cat was moved to Europe and eventually the United States.

Siamese cats are often remembered in Thai legends and tales. For example, one legend says that the cat breed was always accompanied by a Thai princess while bathing in the river. Before bathing, the princess had to remove her rings and rub them on the cat’s tail so she could be safe until she finished bathing. Also, if the princess lost her wedding ring, she had to tie knots on the tip of the Siamese cat tail.

Speaking of knots – the presence of knots and kinks in the tail was considered a characteristic feature of the Siamese cat. However, it is now known that the knots are formed as a consequence of cross-breeding of close relatives.…

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