What Makes Siamese Cats Become Anorexic?

anorexic siamese catIt’s well known that Siamese cats like to eat. Some nibble a few kibbles at a time, but come back very often to put their noses in their bowl during the day. Others jump on their meal as if they had not eaten for an entire year. And all let you know in their own way when their bowl is empty. So should we worry if our cat sulks its food and stop eating all of a sudden? The answer without any doubt, is yes.

Any change in the appetite level of your cat should be a reason for concern. Something is definitely wrong. When your cat loses appetite, she may exhibit various symptoms such as teary eyes, weak joints, irritability and others. The weak joints symptom is similar to that of horses that are sick.  One old saying goes as: “When the appetite goes well, everything goes well!” I think it applies perfectly well to all the cats in the world. So when the appetite goes well, everything goes well, then, when the appetite changes, it must also mean that something is wrong? Yes, but what then?

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you changed the food trademark?
Yep! Many cats are very demanding and have very specific food preferences. They prefer a type of food, a trademark or a brand of a specific commerce and do not want anything else. Cats develop their food preferences at a young age and that often dictates their future food taste, texture, color of the kibble and the ingredients of the recipe can all be factors of preference and requirements of cats. For example, if your cat is used to eating a triangular shape dry green kibble, with a thickness of three millimeters since its very young age, he could sulk his food if you give him a dry star-shape red kibble with a thickness of two millimeters.…

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