How to Choose a Carrier for Your Siamese Cat

Travelling with your coated feline friend can be stressful. This is because, most of the time, your Siamese cat will notbest cat carrier for nervous cats
want to get in a carrier. The best way to make a trip more enjoyable for both of you is to choose the right carrier, introduce your cat to make him comfortable in it.

Choosing a Siamese Cat Carrier

Not every cat is the same. Therefore, choosing the best option for your cat is important. states that: “Cats dissatisfied with their environment in a car or other vehicle in motion can howl, yowl, experience stress and be generally unhappy. If you must take your cat to the vet, experienced stress from the trip can raise his heart rate and breathing and can also cause excessive glucose (sugar) readings of his blood sample. ”

This means choosing the best carrier for your furry friend is crucial for her health. identifies four key features to consider when choosing a carrier.These are ventilation, security, access and construction.

i) Ventilation

You need adequate airflow because your Siamese cat’s respiratory rate will rise from stress. Machines that have ventilation on at least three sides are best.

ii) Security

A secure locking system, such as a combination lock or pinch cap will ensure that your cat will be safe, especially if traveling in an airplane cargo hold.

iii) Access

Siamese cats tend to be more comfortable to get into their carrier if you can put them in it from the top, feet first. Pushing them in a carrier head first increases their stress.

iv) Construction

Siamese cat carriers come with both hard sides and soft-side. There are advantages to both of these constructions. Soft-sided carriers provide more cushion for glass jar and is easier for the carrier. However, they do not provide optimal ventilation.…

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