The Cat’s Meow – An In-Depth Review of the Popular Feline Toy

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cats meow review amazonThere is a new toy for feline fun and entertainment that has recently become many cat lovers new favorite. I refer, or course, to the aptly named Cat’s Meow.

After having recently purchased one for Mike, my 12 year old kittie, I decided to write a Cat’s Meow review of my own.

How Is The Quality of Cat’s Meow ?

When I received my order, the toy was quite easy to put together, just the motor unit and wand, and the nylon base. I was initially skeptical of the material, which seemed like it could be torn apart as easily as the cloth on the side of the couch.

I am happy to report that the fabric of the toy is quite tough, and has stayed in good shape even after being pounced upon, clawed, and bitten for 3 month. My husband is happy with the toy as now our kitties can stay away from his prescription snorkel mask that they always wanted to play with.

The motor that powers the wand to go in circles is still just as strong as it was when I got it, and it keeps going even after Mike has caught it (which isn’t that frequently as its very fast!)

Does It Perform As Advertised ?

The Cat’s Meow toy is one Mike’s favorite things to do now, and he wasn’t always a very active cat. It’s nice to see him jumping around and being active again. The station has flipped over once or twice, but otherwise there have been no real problems that I have found.

Because it goes back and forth randomly, and even speeds up from time to time, Mike still gets excited to play with it.…

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