The goal of Siamese Cats UK is to assist pet owners with advice on pet care and insurance. We believe that by providing information on benefits, pricing and customer reviews, we can help pet owners make the appropriate decision for themselves and their pets.

This website is not owned or controlled by any pet health or insurance company. The content on this site is the property of Siamese Cats UK and may not be used without express permission. The user reviews are opinions submitted by customers of various pet insurance companies and do not reflect the opinion of the operator of this website. The profiles of the pet insurance companies are accurate to the best of our knowledge and are updated on a monthly basis.

Answers to Common Questions about this Site

  • Can we recommend a specific pet insurance company?

    No. Our service is to provide information that pet owners can use to help them choose a pet insurance company. You must make the final decision.

  • Can I trust the reviews?

    The vast majority of information on this site is trustworthy. We take several steps to weed out fraudulent reviews and comments posted by users. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of every review, we believe users can obtain an accurate overview of an insurance company by looking at the cumulative effect of thousands of reviews.

  • How does this site make money?

    We make money from advertisements and offers from our partners. Whether or not a company chooses to participate has no effect on the ratings or content on the site.

  • Can I offer a suggestion on how to improve to the site?

    Absolutely. We are always looking at ways to make our site better. Please click here to send us your suggestion.

    What we can’t help you with

    We cannot help you with questions about a claim you made with your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company directly.