Here Are the Best Cat Toys for Cats that Don’t Like Toys

Cats are known to be lazy, and this is not entirely wrong in some cases. But just because your cat likes sleeping around doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t like to play. In fact, the best cat toys for cats that don’t like toys helps encourage the lethargic ones to move in different fun ways.

For cats, playing entails more than just amusement. It’s an effective way of keeping your feline active and also preventing development of health problems including obesity. For cat owners, getting cat toys to tap into buddy’s hunting, chasing, and pouncing skills can be an important way of supporting long-term wellness and also killing boredom.

Here Are the Best Cat Toys for Cats that Don't Like Toys 2

However, when dealing with an apathetic feline, getting the right toy can be quite challenging. In such instances, you can try exploring interactive cat toys as most experts recommend or laser wands and pointers to encourage action.

If your cat is becoming too lazy lately, the toys highlighted in this article will help change that forever. Whether you want to stimulate the lazy-bones, or a toy to complement their typical innate mellowness, you are guaranteed to get one to suit your needs.

Best Cat Toys for Cats That Don’t Like Toys

Here are some of the best cat toys for cats that don’t like toys:

#1.  Petmate Fat Cat Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

Petmate Fat Cat Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy


If you always struggle to get your cat to play when all they do is stay put, then the stationary track toy is your best bet. This toy will help mobilize your pet and burn off excess fat. The track toy is manual and typically holds a ball-and-bell for the little felines to chase and poke.

The toy additionally features all through openings in paw sizes, made of plastic making it easy to clean. Cats need to power the toy to get it moving since it’s not battery-operated. Besides, they can stay put as they usually do and the cat can experience the best of both worlds. You can add a little catnip inside as it works well to keep the cat active for longer.

#2.  Smarty Kat Electronic Motion Cat Toy

Smarty Kat Electronic Motion Cat Toy


Smarty Kat Motion Cat Toy is a worthwhile investment. It’s a battery-operated interactive wand toys for cats and made of 50% post-consumer and recycled plastic. This toy helps keep your feline buddy moving and is ideal for up to hours of continuous play simultaneously.

The cat toy comes with an attached feather which usually stimulates and excites them as they tend to move in different directions. In this case, the cat’s playful side that has been dormant can be drawn in a terrific way.

The toy’s speed knob is adjustable allowing you to test the best setting that will work for your cat. The wands are equally replaceable to keep your pets active.

#3.  Hexbug Mouse Cat Toy

Hexbug Mouse Cat Toy


This robotic toy is irresistible even for the laziest of cats out there. It’s designed in a mouse-like shape and made to act like it as well. The toy is ideal for use on hard surfaces such as tiles and wood. This fuzzy cat toy comes with a tail, whiskers, and pink ears. It typically scampers back and forth in different ways to capture the cat’s attention.

The mouse cat toy uses interactive smart technology to keep off corners and comfortably navigate around different objects since the movements are random. It’s one of the best cat toys for cats that don’t like toys as it’s pretty exciting.

When the cat pounces on the mouse, it stays still for a while before trying to wake up and scurry away. The toy features multiple modes including chase mode for active cats and paw mode for their lethargic counterparts.

The mouse is big enough to comfortably run around the kitchen space and not get stuck under things. What’s more, it randomly starts and stops and this will make your cat more interested as they won’t know what happens next.

#4.  Felix and Fido Playdot! Cat Laser Toy

Felix and Fido Playdot! Cat Laser Toy


The Playdot laser pointer is the most effective way of making lazy cats active and draw them out of their comfort zones. The toy is battery-operated, portable and runs in different modes uniquely designed to keep the cat moving around.

The initial mode usually starts at a slower pace to lure the cat into the laser pointer playing experience perfect for first timers. Besides, the toy also features an automatic on and off function, and shuts down after every 30 minutes to avoid over-stimulating the cats.

#5.  Animal Planet Automatic Peek-a-Boo Mouse and Cheese Interactive Toy

Animal Planet Automatic Peek-a-Boo Mouse and Cheese Interactive Toy


You can use this peek-a-boo toy to surprise your old cat with the cat and mouse game. Older cats can have health problems hindering their movement, unlike the younger ones that may be passive without a reason. However, you can stimulate the cat using interactive yet stationary toys like the Animal Planet Automatic Toy.

The toy is battery-operated and durable triggering two beautiful mice to pop in and out of the block prompting observant cats to continually stay on toes. Play sessions only last for about 15 minutes since the toy features an in-built timer.

The automatic shut off feature goes into effect once the session is done, preventing the pets from over-stimulation. The toys help boost the cat’s pawing instincts and eye coordination and works well as an excellent low-impact exercise.

#6.  Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock

Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock


The hammock is hard to beat especially when it comes to easy living. Petstages Cat Scratcher is ideal for cats to sleep on. The hammock is built to fit, sturdy, and perfectly hold different cat sizes including the heavy ones.

The hammock also doubles up as a scratching post and guarantees to stimulate even the laziest of cats. It’s made of corrugated material that tears and rips through easily encouraging your little feline to scratch in non-destructive ways.

#7.  Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Centre

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Centre


It’s always good to get lazy cats up and moving around in most cases. Other times, it’s smart to cater to a pet’s innate quality which makes this toy a must-have. The toy typically resembles a pad at first sight although it’s like a spa for the pets.

Catit Senses Center offers 360-degree grooming and relaxation for the cat and features an in-house catnip spot so the cat can comfortably mellow out as they use it. It additionally features a green padded cushion feels super comfortable to touch and perfectly sized.

Catit Wellness Centre also comes with multi-purpose brushes and massager so that all their needs can be taken care of as they snuggle up. This will be a win-win situation for both you and the cat.

#8.  Party Saving Pet Palace Cat Tree

Party Saving Pet Palace Cat Tree


Party Saving Cat Tree is sizeable, made of pressed wood and plush faux fur surface amazing hideaway for your lazy cat. Most active cats can get a kick out of cat trees but are equally ideal for the sluggish ones as they usually help promote exercise while giving the cats a high perch to lounge and nap on.

The tree posts are wrapped in sisal rope ideal for scratching and features a perch and two different platforms for the cat to relax and rest. It also features a motion-activated mouse that squeaks when batted or touched. It’s perfect for small to medium sized cats and comes with an entry ladder and condo that gives the cats enough room to stretch.


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