Why Your Cat Needs a Collar

cat collarA cat collar’s main purpose is to identify the cat. Cat collars typically have the cat’s name, and the owner’s phone number on them in case the cat gets lost. You can also include other pertinent information on there, such as allergies or illnesses the cat may have, other contact phone numbers, etc. It’s really up to you how much you include.


So it seems like a no-brainer to get a cat a cat collar for your cat, right? Well, if you have ever owned a cat, you will know that most cats very much resent wearing cat collars, and usually try to take them off. One option is to train the cat from a young age to wear the collar, and then they usually just find it feels natural on them and don’t mind at all.


Cat collars can very rarely be a hazard to a cat too. Sometimes the collar can get caught on something and end up injuring, or even choking the cat. While obviously no cat owner would want that, the truth is the number of cats saved due to cat collars compared to the number of cats injured by them is a huge difference; it is much safer for a cat to have a cat collar.


Another cat collar that provides an extra safety benefit is the reflective cat collar. This makes the cat easier to find if it is lost. At night if the cat is crossing the street, this will help the driver avoid hitting the cat by mistake. It can also help if you are looking for the cat at night and are using a flashlight. So, if you have a reflective cat collar, you may not need a GPS tracker if your cat is around the compound. For GPS tracker options for cats, read more here: Best GPS Cat Trackers 2017 – The Complete Buyers Guide.


Also, one additional option for those of you who are still concerned the cat collar may injure your cat is to get a breakaway cat collar (also known as a cat safety collar). Breakaway cat collars are great because if the cat gets its collar tangled up, there is a snap button on there that allows the cat to break free. That way the cat collar only comes off when there is no other way for the cat to become untangled. It really is a great solution all around.


Although the cat collar is primarily a functional device, many people love to get personalized cat collars for their pet. A personalized cat collar is a great way to make your cat stand out, and you can get it any way you want. For female cats, you can get them a pink cat collar. For males, maybe something like a leather cat collar would be more suitable.


Once you start with the decorations for your cat’s collar, there really is no limit to what kind of things you can do. You can add cat collar charms on it, get one that has your favorite sports team’s logo, or even get a designer cat collar for a fancy cat. The possibilities are endless!


If you have a cat, or are thinking of getting one, there really is no reason not to get a cat collar; not only does it look great, it will keep your cat safe as well.


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