How to Choose a Siamese Cat Groomer

how to choose a cat groomerAren’t beautiful, well groomed Siamese cats just adorable? Grooming does more than making your cat loveable; it also minimizes your vet doctor visits. The things I consider when looking for a nail salons near me are the same things that I check when looking for a cat groomer.

Since it can be hectic doing all the grooming on your own, we’ve compiled some tips you could use to select the best pet groomer. The th

Professionalism and Experience

In America, there is no licensing requirement for pet groomers. It is therefore challenging to separate qualified cat groomers from quacks. The only surety therefore is the type of training the groomer will have undertaken.

Be keen enough to notice how professional the groomers carry out themselves. Apart from this, find out their knowledge on pet grooming. Specifically, go for professional groomers who have trained on Siamese cat grooming.

Knowing how much experience they have in pet grooming will also help you build confidence in them.

Study The Grooming Facility

A refined groomer will have their grooming kennels or area neat at all times. Observe if the area is well swept, smells clean, has good lighting and also has a comfortable temperature.

It may seem petty but little things like availability of a good resting place and cleanliness of food items are very important. You also need to assess the size of that groom location and inquire how many pets are groomed at any one time. Over-crowding Siamese cats, dogs or other pets during grooming can lead to spread of diseases, making your visit more costly.

Another crucial thing to look at is the security of the place. Find out how many people have access to the place and how does the management ensure cats are not stolen when left for servicing.

Cost-benefit Analysis

The main variables that will determine the cost of your grooming is the grooming facility or location. Salon cat grooming are comparably less expensive than mobile or in-house calls. If you are busy and don’t have time to wait for your cat to be groomed, the best option to take will be salon grooming. This option will be the least inconveniencing as you can drop off and pick up your pet cat after work. You will part with extra dollars, however, if you will also need pick up and drop off services. You can use PetSmart grooming prices guide to know how much you are likely to pay.

Types of Groomers

Owners of anxious, aggressive cats or those with special condition might not have multiple choices of facilities though. These cats require special attention and therefore can only be groomed by a mobile groomer or an in-house call.

Below is an overview of the main types of groomers.

A mobile groomer is one who drives their whole groom facility, mostly in a van, to your doorstep. This is a much safer option than salon grooming as only one family cat is serviced at a time. However, it could however be very expensive as it is a premium service. Cats that get stressed during car rides and shy off from the public benefit immensely from this service.

In-house or house call grooming is where a professional groomer offers the services at your premise. Although it’s advantageous for people who don’t like their cats leaving the premise, it can be considerably costly. House call grooming requires you to have enough space, a wide bath tab and a grooming table. The grooming can be very messy and you should be prepared for leftover fur. The grooming room should also have a door so the cat can slip out after washing. Unfortunately this means soap spillage which will again require cleaning.

Veterinary grooming is another option you could take. This is best for cats with special conditions and need regular vet visits. Depending on how regular you want your pet groomed, your vet cat arrange for a professional groomer. This option is cheaper in comparison to taking the cat to the clinic then later to be groomed.

Groomers Temperament

Just like child care, the personality of a person will attract you to them. Cats also have emotions and will be attracted to groomers with likeable personality. Take into account your first time impression of the groomer. Observe the passion with which they handle your cat. If they manage to form attachment with your pet on day one, then that’s a great cue.

Trust Your Instincts

It doesn’t matter what experience the groomer claims to have or how likeable their facility is. If you start to develop doubt after first or second visit, it is time to quit. You should test out two or three grooming services and determine which one your cat is most comfortable with.


Just like choosing a vet or child care options, choosing a pet cat groomer is not a one-day business. Talk to friends, relatives and neighbors about their experiences with different groomers. Also, join forums and blogs for pet owners in your area.

Take your time and do your research well. Most importantly don’t spend money on services that don’t impress you.



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