How to Keep Your Siamese Cat Out of the Fish Bowl or Aquarium

siames cat fishLike all cats, Siamese cats hate getting wet. However, the sight of moving fish can make them forget about the discomfort of getting wetting. When your Siamese cat sees fish in the aquarium or bowl, she can get her paws in trying to catch them. In turn, the fish will become stressed and can even be injured.

To avoid both your Siamese cat and fish getting into contact, you need a plan. You should make sure the Siamese cat does not have access to the water with your fish. For this plan, there are a number of things you will need:

  • Towel or sheet
  • Tape, plastic or aluminum foil
  • Aquarium hood

These steps below have been adapted from, the leading online aquarium guide website.

Here are the steps to follow to keep your Siamese cat away from the fish bowl of aquarium.

Step 1

Cover the aquarium with a hood. Covering the aquarium will ensure your Siamese cat will not get her paws into the water. Apart from this, you will keep the aquatic inhabitants such as snails and frogs inside their habitat.

However, not just any glass hood will work. You should look for glass hoods that have been specifically made for your tank. If you just use any glass, it may not properly fit in the aquarium and your Siamese cat can decide to make it its perch.

Step 2

Prevent your cat from accessing the aquarium by blocking her path. If you notice the Siamese cat usually jumps to a lower fixture and then into the tank, block her way with things such as books and stuffed animals. With these items on the way, the cat will not attempt the jump.

Step 3

Take the masking tape and place its sticky side up on the fixture that the cat usually jumps over and the hood. When the cat comes and steps on the masking tape, the stickiness that she will feel on the paws will make her avoid the area.

The only problem with this method is that the tape can make the place messy. Moreover, some stubborn Siamese cats will simply ignore the tape.

Step 4

Cover the back holes with aluminum foil, tape or plastic. Even if you place the hood, there will still be some partially open spaces in the back for accessories such as filter parts and heater cords. These holes are usually large such that even when the accessories are put in place, the holes don’t get completely covered. Your Siamese cat is intelligent and can stick her paws in the openings to disturb the fish.

Step 5

Cove the tank with a sheet or towel at night. During the day, you can easily spot your Siamese cat trying to fish. However, at night, the cat will have free reign of the house. By covering the tank with a towel or sheet, you will have killed her interest in fishing since there is nothing to loot at. Moreover, the fish will appreciate the darkness.

Step 6

If possible, place the aquarium in a room that can be closed. If everything else fails, you can block the cat from accessing the room. However, try the options above first. You should only opt to closing the room as a last resort since you don’t want to keep opening and closing the door every time you are entering the room.

TIP: If you have to close the room containing the aquarium, make sure you don’t end up shutting the cat in. Siamese cats are sneaky and you may find them inside the room when you least expect.

WARNING. You should never discipline your Siamese cat by smacking or sticking her on the tank. She will not understand her mistake.

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