Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest?

Question: Why does my cat sleep on my chest? Read on to find out.

If you own a cat, you probably know that your little feline loves to sleep in whatever place she wants – even on top of you! Whether you are relaxing with your toddler while donning a nursing bra or have changed into your pajamas, your feline friend will find a way to climb and cuddle into your lap or legs.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest?

Sleeping on the chest is a usual cat behavior. But why do many cats love to sit on your chest or lap and purr themselves sleep? Does it have anything to do with feeling secure and safe? Or maybe just lying next to you all snuggled makes them feel that no bad thing can happen?

Here are some reasons why a cat may lay on your chest.

Cats Like Anything Warm

Notice how cats love catching early morning rays of the sun?

Cats love resting in warm places. Whether near a window or on the floor, you’ll find your cat there trying to get warmed up. As noted by Dr. Smith and Fosters, a cat’s temperature receptors, particularly its face, are sensitive. This is why the pets like to seek heat.

Cats try to get heat from outside sources to help their bodies to effortlessly retain base temperature. This could be the reason you may wake up to find your cat on your head as that’s the warmest part on the body!

why does my cat sleep on my chest

Cats Like to Get Comfortable

Cats sleep for 15 hours or more a day. The pets like to sleep at comfy places, even if it’s on the sofa or stretching out on the laundry basket. The feline friends need a warm and soft spot to ease up. Imagine how comfortable a cat finds you when you are warmly tucked in your bed in a comfortable cat proof mattress and a couple of plush blankets! Your stomach will instantly become the most comfortable place, much better than a cat bed or just a pillow.

Your Cat Loves You (Take It or Not!)

You are, probably, often busy at work during the day. When you eventually get home, all your cat would want is to be where you are. The pet will keep following you around till you rest or go to bed. And then, she will get on top of you! The cat does this because she simply adores you!

Marilyn Kreigler, a consultant on cat behavior sheds light on this: “When a cat does this, she is simply showing that she trusts the person” All the purrs, kisses, and head butts of your face sum up to only one thing – affection!

So, when you notice your cat doing all these things, try to reciprocate this affection by patting her a little to soothe her to sleep.

For Safety and Security

Everybody, including your cat, wants to feel secure! When your cat is trying to find somewhere to sleep, not only does she want a cozy and warm place, even if it’s in your best bra for lift or side support, but also somewhere secure. No harmful predator will get near when she is sleeping on her special person. This makes your cat feel safe since there’s nothing to worry about.

Your Sounds and Smell Soothe the Cat

When your cat sleeps on you, the sounds naturally made by your body soothe her to sleep. The stable rhythm of your heartbeat and breathe, and the rise and fall of your chest when you inhale and exhale soothe the cat to sleep. Your scent is equally pleasant as the cat relates it to you; the friendship, care, and security you offer her.

Cats Play Favorites!

Cats are naturally territorial and, most time, mark their preferred person as their own. Remember, your cat sleeping on you is a sign of their trust, since it regards you as a safe place.

I hope this article answers your question: why does my cat sleep on my chest.

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